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Amanda Russell is an Australian Interior Designer currently living in Sydney. She has broad global experience having lived and worked not only in Australia, but China, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United States.

She studied in both New York and Sydney. In the US she worked alongside a residential interior designer and artist on projects in Manhattan, Connecticut and NY State including compilation and marketing of a mixed media art exhibition. She also worked extensively on specialized tile finishes for large estate homes including grand entranceways, kitchens and bathrooms.

On moving back to Australia, she won the Interior Designer’s Communication Award at the Commercial Arts and Training College in Sydney and started her own business, Passionflower, working on Australia wide projects. From Australia, she moved to Switzerland and then Singapore, and continued work on Passionflower projects. Singapore offered the opportunity to work not only on residential but also 5 star hotel developments and even a 55-foot cruiser!

As Amanda has had the opportunity to live and work in various countries she has been exposed to a number of diverse cultures enabling her to gather ideas and use this experience to cross boundaries and mix styles tastefully. Having worked with many expats, she is in a position to understand clients needs and help them express themselves to create their own unique environment.